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Three Cornered Hat
SDBR 3057-200G

Released June 10, 2006
Listed in Classical

Manuel de Falla's famed 3 Cornered Hat is a hard piece to perform with the latin sense of flair and excitement necessary to convey the wonder of the composition. Fiedler on RCA (LSC 2744) tries with some success to get the flair but is no equal for Argenta on London/Decca(CS 6050). The Jorga read
with the London Symphony is electric from the first vocal burst! To say that Jorga owns this piece would not be an overstatement - it is exciting and largely festive in the way de Falla intended it to be! Add to a fantastic performance the Bert Whyte / EVEREST 35mm recording at London's famed Walthamstow Assembly Hall and you have a desert island disc! The 35mm sonics make instruments so critical to this piece seem "in the room" with a never before achieved reality - just listen to the tambourine at the introduction if you want to experience shocking reality in playback at home - 48 years after the event! The LP was cut DIRECTLY FROM THE 35mm MAGNETIC FILM using a vintage Westrex 1551 tape machine, with specially built playback electronics that are vastly superior to any others used on these machines to playback the original 35mm tapes. The Len Horowitz / History of Recorded Sound specially modified 1551, fitted with brand new playback heads matched to the revolutionary playback electronics was stationed at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood. With Len Horowitz running the playback machine and Bernie Grundman mastering from the three track 35mm tapes, Classic Records has been able to cut the legendary sound and performances DIRECTLY FROM THE 35mm MAGNETIC FILM through Classic's "ALL TUBE" tape playback system and cutting system at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood. The LP's are pressed on Classic's 200g Super Vinyl Profile making it possible to get ever nuance out of the non-distorted grooves that make SVP sound superior to all other records on the market today. Authentic tip on construction jackets with all original artwork and labels add to this must have deluxe LP edition! DESERT ISLAND DISC!

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